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Diny 1932

Dictionary: ' the wedding singing naamw. (m.) pronunciation: [ɑtru] property that you have someone or something always supports and not only let him or her. '

It has been a good example: the formerly Diny faith of her family supported each other in all circumstances. Her parents that in the hunger winter a girl from Rotterdam in their family recordings because they were very poor at her home and almost nothing to eat, while they themselves had already had nine children. In the foreground of the painting her marriage with her husband that persists until now. Caring for each other, the faithful to each other, that supports each other and not just late, that is something very important!

She says: ' sometimes I have the impression that the word wedding disappears from the dictionary '. 

Because Diny wedding is so important they take and her family in this work are in place.




Rosemarijn Mulder
studio1world bahai inspired art - HEREMETIJD - Dinystudio1world bahai inspired art - HEREMETIJD - Diny

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