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Justine (1930): As a child she was very cheerful with the oat slap the limp smile, also together with girlfriends. They had an old-fashioned bedstabbing in the house that was her playing angle. She had some books and a doll, made of celluloid that the arms were a bit loose. She was 10 years old when the war broke out. Sometimes hundreds of planes came over at night. That scared her so much that she was hiding under the sheets. "You're going to have something about that,""x_Apple-converted space"" she says now. The doll she played with has one arm, one arm has completely perished and is completely separated, the other is damaged. "War should never happen again" she says, 'everyone must live together in peace!' The stickers come from my own youth (+/- 1985), that was my treasure. I would never have taped them anywhere back then, but kept them carefully!  The flower on the dress I got from a child from today: 'for your artworks' she said. That play is of all time.


Rosemarijn Mulder
studio1world bahai inspired art - HEREMETIJD - Justinestudio1world bahai inspired art - HEREMETIJD - Justine

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